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Thousands of marketers, bloggers and business owners use Beacon to reduce creative costs and generate more leads.

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"I was totally blown away at how quick and easy it was to create something that was really beautiful."

Adam, Business Actualization

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"Beacon lets me get past the challenges of design and technology and move right to the good part: building a business."

Cody Libolt

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Learn how a busy marketing agency creates eBooks in hours rather than days

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"Since Beacon is easy to use, we can create an eBook within hours, instead of days - significantly cutting down the time and money spent on developing premium content."

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"Being able to use posts as my lead magnet saves me all the time of re-writing and packaging everything. But the design part is actually where I'm saving HOURS."

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Case Study

Learn how a first time blogger uses Beacon to grow his mailing list.

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"I use Beacon because it takes care of all the design work. That way, I can focus my attention on creating remarkable content."

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"I have been using Beacon all day long and I'm loving it. It's a time-saver for me because I'm a one-man marketing department. This will save me a lot of design headaches."


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Learn how this Etsy entrepreneur reclaimed hours with Beacon

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"We're a small team. A great tool like this allows us to quickly create great, shareable content without tying up our creative team."


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"I loooove the tool it's brilliant, well done, exactly what I've been needing for a long time."


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Learn how a freelancer generated 130 leads in a single morning by recycling content

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Picture of Cody

"Easy to use. Stylish enough and appealing for people to be attracted to it. Takes away all the hassles when you just want to have a quick guide or cheat sheet scenario. Love it!!"

Clinton Sills

Picture of Regina

I would not have attempted an ebook on my own, so this definitely got me to see a prototype and got me excited about doing one!"

Regina Reiter