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This Entrepreneur Saved HOURS By Using Beacon Instead of InDesign.

While most people trapped in a horrible job can only fantasize about striking out on their own, Jenni did exactly that. Less than 2 years ago she left her corporate job and now runs two successful Etsy stores.

Photo of Jeni, Fuzzy and birch owner
Jeni Waldrop
Fuzzy & Birch

Fuzzy & Birch specialises in sarcastic goods for cynical people and it is every bit as awesome as it sounds.

Photo of a Fuzzy and Birch tote bag

The store is doing so well that Jenni even teaches other Etsy sellers how to replicate her success. In Jenni's own words, the Fuzzy & Birch blog exists to "teach Etsy sellers how to turn their side hustle into a full-time gig."

The Problem

Like most solopreneurs, Jenni finds herself doing the jobs of several people.

"I am the: graphic designer, copywriter, accountant, teacher, coach, therapist, janitor, content creator, and everything to everyone all the time."

Just reading that list sounds exhausting, so when it comes to pushing your business forward it always pays to find ways to be more efficient.

Jenni creates about two lead magnets per month to help grow her mailing list, and the process typically looks like this:

"Fire up word. Type for like a day. Create all text. Then, fire up photoshop and illustrator. Create all graphics from scratch. Load up indesign. Create a template especially for the new magnet. (This takes forever, I SUCK at InDesign) Then I do like 50 rounds of copy/paste, export, spell check, export again, and then render in acrobat 500 times because by this point my document is like 64MB and I can't upload it to my blog because it's too big...I mean, I could go on. It's a hot mess."

The Challenge

As crazy as it sounds, that process is fairly typical for content focused entrepreneurs - it's not that they can't create these lead magnets independently,

"As much as I enjoy making them myself, if I want to continue making money, I need to use the majority of my time for things that generate revenue. And playing in illustrator just isn't a good time investment."

It's this sort of discipline that separates the hobbyists from the professionals. Just because you enjoy doing something, doesn't necessarily mean that it should take up your whole work day.

The Solution

Jenni started using Beacon to convert her blog posts into lead magnets, and it has revolutionized her workflow.

"Being able to use posts as my lead magnet saves me all the time of re-writing and packaging everything (I hate that part)! But the design part is actually where I'm saving HOURS. Not having to create a template (while fun for me) is a huge time suck".

With her newfound free time, Jenni can put more energy into growing her business,

"I just implemented my new lead magnet 8 hours ago and it's already gotten me a new email signup - none of my other lead magnets were downloaded the same day I uploaded them!"

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