Beacon Presents

Smart PDFs

Traditional PDFs weren't made for the mobile world. So we made them smarter.


Subscriber Focused

A subscriber's goal is not to be on your mailing list but to read your content. Make that easy for them.

Lead Nurturing

Joining your list is just the beginning. What happened after someone opted-in? How much of the lead magnet did they actually read?

Responsive lead magnets with Beacon
  • Mobile Optimization

    Your content will be automatically optimized to suit every device.

  • Zero Setup

    Create your lead magnet as normal, Beacon will take care of the rest.

  • Analytics

    Analyze the content that performs best within your lead magnet.

  • Social Sharing

    Simple share tools help your content spread outside of your network.

  • Multimedia Friendly

    All video and audio can be embedded and played directly within your lead magnet.

picture of Cody Libolt

"Beacon lets me get past the challenges of design and technology and move right to the good part: building a business."

Cody Libolt