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What Are The Best Types Of Lead Magnet?

Examples of lead magnets that you can create easily.

While you can offer almost anything to website visitors in exchange for their email address, some lead magnets are more effective than others.

In this lesson we'll take a look at six different types of lead magnet that you can easily create for your own website.

1Resource Guide

A resource guide is a collection of things that you recommend to help people achieve a certain result.
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Why it works

People generally prefer to buy things that help them to achieve results because it's a faster process than learning new skills. If you can recommend the best things to buy then you'll save the reader lots of research time and they're likely to be interested in your lead magnet.

How it helps your business

Good recommendations buy you goodwill in the eyes of your customer so they will be more receptive to future products and services you may offer them.

Example of a resource guide lead magnet

Resource Guide Example

This resource guide recommends three different pieces of equipment that someone can buy to get fit without paying for a gym membership.

A personal trainer could offer this lead magnet to people who want to get fit but can't afford a regular gym subscription.

The personal trainer might then follow up at a later date with a premium meal planning service to help the reader eat healthily.


An eBook is a detailed exploration of a specific subject.
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Why it works

When potential customers conduct research they will usually have to search multiple different sources for all the information they need. If you can provide them with all that information in one convenient package then you'll save them a lot of time.

How it helps your business

Since eBooks are typically longer than content formats like blog posts you have the opportunity to showcase a deep level of expertise about your chosen subject. This can help to highlight your business as an industry leader which will set you apart from competitors.

Example of an eBook lead magnet

eBook Example

This eBook gives the reader a thorough explanation of content marketing.

In this example the eBook was written by a software company who just happen to make content marketing software.

The software company knows that customers are more likely to be successful with their product if they understand the business benefits of using content marketing. Instead of expecting their customers to do all this research independently, the software providers seek to make the learning process as easy as possible by collating all relevant information into a single package.


A checklist is a series of actionable tasks that can help the reader to accomplish a specific goal.
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Why it works

Checklists make large, complicated tasks seem easier and more achievable. They also give people an obvious way to take action so they're great for helping people to get going.

How it helps your business

Checklists help prospective customers to achieve results for themselves without spending any money. This sense of positive accomplishment will help to remove some of the natural objections that occur later in the buying process when you pitch your paid products or services.

Example of a checklist lead magnet

Checklist Example

This checklist gives people a list of tests that they can carry out when assessing a used car.

An insurance company might offer this to people who are in the market for a new car.

Since the insurance company now has the email addresses of people who are probably going to buy a used car they can follow up with tailored offers. For example, they might promote car insurance that includes added breakdown cover since they know that will appeal to owners of a used car. Offers that are tailored to a person's individual circumstances are more likely to result in positive action.


A workbook is a series of practical exercises that will help readers to apply a theoretical concept to their own individual circumstances.
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Why it works

Workbooks are a great way of teasing important information out of a prospective customer. Often people will have lots of information in their head but they can't separate the useful from the useless. Workbooks provide a structured way for you to help them articulate what they already know, providing clarity that can help them to make progress.

How it helps your business

Sometimes a customer needs to do some preparation before they can purchase your premium products or services - this is particularly true for more expensive purchases. Without this preparation people will remain 'stuck' in the purchase funnel so they may never buy. Workbooks help you to get people 'unstuck'.

Example of a workbook lead magnet

Workbook Example

This workbook will help a business owner to describe their ideal customer.

A marketing agency might offer this workbook to prospective clients that have a product but aren't sure how to market it.

By helping clients to articulate WHO their customer is the marketing agency can then make a plan for HOW they can reach these customers.


A collection of visual samples, usually curated from third party sources.
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Why it works

Sometimes all people need is a little bit of inspiration. Best-practice examples from your industry that are presented in a visually engaging format can help to motivate and inspire your audience.

How it helps your business

You may not have created the content included in the lookbook but you knew where to find it and you understand why it is valuable. This makes you a gate-keeper to quality so people will trust and respect your opinion more.

Example of a checklist lead magnet

Lookbook Example

This lookbook includes five video examples of the best TED talks.

A public-speaking coach might share this as an example of best practice presentations. Notice that each video has a short paragraph outlining WHY it is a good example.

This lead magnet will increase the coach's credibility because he clearly demonstrates that he understands what makes a successful presentation. If he can do that then he can teach other people to do use these same techniques in their own presentations.


Content that readers can take, customise and use for themselves.
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Why it works

Templates are the ultimate short-cut - they help people to make progress with minimum effort.

How it helps your business

Templates buy you an incredible amount of good-will in the eyes of readers. If you can make your templates so useful that people think "I can't believe I get this for free" then your premium products and services will seem even more valuable by comparison.

Example of templates lead magnet

Template Example

This template pack includes three different email templates that people can use to promote a Black Friday sale.

A freelance copywriter could offer these templates to e-commerce businesses so they can use them in their promotional email marketing campaigns.

If these emails perform well for the e-commerce store then they are more likely to hire the copywriter to create future promotional campaigns on their behalf.

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