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Lead magnets are the difference between high conversion rates and wasted traffic.

a standard web form with fields for name and email address. there is no incetive for the user to enter their details.

Low Conversion Rate

In this example there is no compelling reason for a website visitor to enter their email address. As a result, most people will ignore this popup form.

a web form that offers people a playbook lead magnet in exchange for their email address

High Conversion Rate

In this example the playbook is a lead magnet, it acts as an incentive to encourage casual visitors to share their email address.

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300% Increase In Conversion Rate

"When we use Beacon to create lead magnets, our conversion rates increase by as much as 300%"

Heather Townsend

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Used by marketers at more than 50,000 businesses.

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A Tool For Every Part Of The Lifecycle

A range of tools to help you create, publish and collect lead magnets for an evergreen strategy.

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Lead Magnet Creator

Work independently to create professional lead magnets.

Beacon simplifies the lead magnet creation process so you can take full control of the design - from starting a project to updating copy or changing images before launch.

You can start with one of our professional templates or create and reuse one of your own.

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Lead Capture

Does your website not generate as many leads as you would like?

Believe it or not but more traffic is not the answer to your problems.

Spending resources on more traffic before optimising your website for conversions is like pouring water into a leaky bucket.

Every person who visits your website and reads your content is a potential lead. You just need to give them a good reason to share their email address.

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a screenshot of the resource library software
Resource Library

Collect documents, videos, links and audio files in one place so your audience can quickly find what they need.

Most businesses have dozens of files scattered across hard drives, Dropbox, Google Suite and whatever video hosting platform you’re using these days.

These resources are valuable business assets and if your customers can’t easily access them then they may as well not exist.

Beacon helps you to organise these files in one central location so your customers can find what they need and you can generate more leads.

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Increased conversion rates by 300%

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900 leads in 10 days

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70 hours saved

Success Stories

Our customers have higher conversion rates and generate more leads.

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700 leads in 2 weeks

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130 leads in a single morning

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194 highly qualified leads

Feature List

Pre-Made Templates
Template Builder
Drag & Drop
Brand Styles
Blog Post Recycle
Helper Content
Multiple Formats
Auto Table of Contents
Personal Image Library
Traditional PDF
Smart PDF
Password Protection

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