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Sample Nurture Sequence for Lead Magnets

Use this series of emails to convert leads into customers.

In the previous lesson we talked about using Marketing Automation to nurture people who download our lead magnets.

In this lesson I want to show you exactly what a nurture sequence could look like.

While the content of these emails will change depending on your specific business, the overall structure and sentiment should work in most situations. Feel free to take this example and customise it for your own business.

The Sequence

Below is an overview of the sequence. Our goal is to get each subscriber to the end of the sequence without boring or annoying them. Give this sequence a quick look over then we’ll dive into the specifics of each step.

If This Happens

ledger emoji

Someone downloads my lead magnet

Then Do This

envelope emoji

Welcome email

clock emoji

Wait one day

envelope emoji

“Any questions?“ email

clock emoji

Wait one day

envelope emoji

“Useful content“ email

clock emoji

Wait one day

envelope emoji

“Success story” email

clock emoji

Wait one day

envelope emoji

“Promotional” email

Welcome Email

The only goal of this email is to encourage the subscriber to click on the link. Do this by reinforcing the benefit of the lead magnet and by teasing some of the specific content.

Tip: Use an emoji at the beginning of your subject line to help your email stand out in the recipient's inbox.

Any Questions Email

When people read your lead magnet they will often have some follow-up questions. This is a good thing - it means the subscriber is developing and naturally moving through the discovery process. Make your reader aware that you are here and available to read and answer any questions they might have.

Useful Content Email

It is entirely possible that people who downloaded your lead magnet haven't read any of your other content.

This is a good opportunity to point your subscribers to other pieces of content that they might find useful.

Tip: Include content upgrades in each of the articles you link to so you can continue to segment the reader.

Success Stories Email

If people are at the beginning of their journey they can sometimes feel overwhelmed. This can make them lose sight of their long-term objectives.

By sharing some success stories from your industry you can help them to see some light at the end of the tunnel AND reinforce your position as an industry expert at the same time.

Promotional Email

The biggest mistake that people make when nurturing leads is that they don't make it clear what products and services they offer.

In fact, lots of people won't mention their premium offerings at all!

People can't buy from you if they don't have a clear idea of what you offer and how it can help.

This email is designed to educate people about what it is that you do.

Quick Tips

  • Each email should have ONE job - don't confuse people by asking them to complete lots of tasks.
  • Keep your emails short - people should be able to scan read them.
  • Encourage people to reply so you can start a conversation.
  • No need for fancy email designs - plain text loads faster and feels more personal.
  • Don't be so serious! Keep the tone friendly and informal - it helps remind readers that a real person sent this email.

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