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Marketing Glossary

Don't know your lead magnet from your landing page? This glossary provides simple explanations for all those confusing marketing terms.


A series of events that are triggered based on a user's actions. For example, when someone downloads your lead magnet [action] you send them a series of welcome emails [event]. The delivery of these emails is done automatically so you don't need to do it manually for every person.


Call To Action
A prompt for your reader to complete a task. For example, 'book a consultation' or 'buy now'.
A checklist lead magnet is a series of actionable tasks that can help the reader to accomplish a specific goal.
Content Upgrade
A content upgrade is a lead magnet that is offered as part of an individual blog post. It could be in any format - eBook, Checklist, Workbook but it must be directly related to the subject of the blog post.
Conversion Rate
Your conversion rate measures the quantity of email addresses you collect on a web page compared to the amount of traffic that it receives. This is typically displayed as a percentage value:

10 emails collected ÷ 100 webiste visitors = 10% conversion rate


A detailed exploration of a specific subject.


The various stages that an anonymous person progresses through to become a customer. For example:

Visit website, download lead magnet, talk with sales rep, become customer


Landing Page
A single web page that has the sole purpose of encouraging people to download your lead magnet.
When an anonymous website visitor shares their email address with you they become a lead.
Lead Magnet
A lead magnet is a reward that you offer someone in exchange for their email address.
A lookbook is really just a collection of visual samples. And these are usually curated from third party sources.


When someone gives you their contact details it is considered an opt-in.
Opt-In Form
The actual form that someone enters their contact details into.


Popup Form
An opt-in form that appears on top of a regular web page.
Short for 'prospective customer' a prospect is someone who could potentially buy your products or services.


Qualified Lead
When someone gets closer to the end of the sales funnel they are more likely to purchase. This is known as a qualified lead.


Resource Guide
A resource guide is basically just a collection of things that you recommend to help people achieve a certain result. It could be books, apps, equipment - absolutely anything as long as people can buy it.


The process of separating leads into groups based on shared characteristics. When you segment your audience you can communicate with them more precisely so they are more likely to respond to what you are saying.


A workbook is a series of written tasks that provide a structured environment to help people articulate what they already know.

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