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How many leads did you miss out on last year because people ignored your opt-in forms?

While most people who visit your website have the potential to become customers, most of them won't. This isn’t because they hate you, it’s because the internet is a big place and people are easily distracted.

If you can get someone's email address when they first visit your site then you can stay in touch with them even after they leave. That's where lead magnets come in.

Lead magnets reward people for sharing their email address. This helps you to turn more random visitors into qualified leads so you can grow your business.

Beacon helps you to create and share lead magnets.

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"When we use Beacon to create lead magnets, our conversion rates increase by as much as 300%"

Heather Townsend

Lead magnets are the difference between high conversion rates and wasted traffic.

An illustration of a popup form that does not include a lead magnet

Low Conversion Rate

In this example there is no compelling reason for a website visitor to enter their email address. As a result, most people will ignore this popup form.

An illustration of a popup form that includes a lead magnet

High Conversion Rate

In this example the playbook is a lead magnet, it acts as an incentive to encourage casual visitors to share their email address.


Increased Conversion Rates

Lead magnets can improve conversion rates by as much as 785%


Reduced Cost Per Lead

Lead magnets help generate more leads from the same number of website visitors.


Improved Lead Nurturing

Educate prospective customers and position yourself in front of competitors..

Beacon helps you in two ways


Create A Beautiful Lead Magnet Without Hiring A Designer

Drag and Dropformat_shapes

Our drag and drop editor was designed with ease of use in mind. Add and remove elements at the touch of a button so you can make sure our templates suit your needs.

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Templates Ahoy!dashboard

Get started instantly with professional templates that you can customise to suit your brand. Professional quality without the professional price tag.

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Blog Post Recycleautorenew

You can automatically convert your blog posts into the lead magnet format. Enter the URL of your chosen blog post and Beacon does the rest.

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Encourage Visitors To Swap Their Email Address For The Lead Magnet

Screenshot of a content upgrade call to action embedded in a web page
powerContent Upgrades

Your call to action is embedded in a blog post. When people click the trigger a popup will appear so they can enter their contact details and receive the lead magnet via email.

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cloud_downloadLink Lock

No website required. Just share your lead magnet with a single link. People will have to enter their email address before they can read it.

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smartphoneIntegration Friendly

We integrate with the most popular blogging and email marketing platforms so you can keep your existing workflows in place. You can also export contacts as a .csv file.

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More than 45,000 marketers, bloggers and agencies use Beacon to create professional lead magnets and generate more leads.

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Photo of Jenni from Fuzzy and Birch

"Being able to use posts as my lead magnet saves me all the time of re-writing and packaging everything (I hate that part)! But the design part is actually where I'm saving HOURS. Not having to create a template (while fun for me) is a huge time suck."

Jenni Waldrop
Founder, Fuzzy & Birch
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"We use Beacon weekly for lead magnets. You guys really save us 2-3 hours every week - that's 60-70 hours a year!"

Emil Kristensen
CMO, Sleeknote
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"We use Beacon for top-of-the-funnel eBooks and guides wherever possible. Since it is easy to use, we can create an eBook within hours, instead of days - significantly cutting down the time and money spent on developing premium content."

Hannah Eisenberg
CEO, 3P Creative Group
Lead Magnet Template Library

Hundreds of professionally designed lead magnet templates ready for you to customize.

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Thumbnail of an eBook lead magnet made with Beacon
Thumbnail of a checklist lead magnet made with Beacon
Resource Guide
Thumbnail of a resource guide lead magnet made with Beacon
Thumbnail of a workbook lead magnet made with Beacon
Thumbnail of a lookbook lead magnet made with Beacon
Thumbnail of an email templates lead magnet made with Beacon
Make Your Own Templates

Don't see the template you need? No worries, you can use our drag-and-drop editor to design your own.

You can even convert your design into reusable templates so the rest of your team can stay on brand.

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Part Of Your Existing Marketing Flow

Beacon integrates directly with the tools you are already using.

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