The Contributors

James R. Baird Rimmer.  Co-Editor-in-Chief.
Historian by training, accountant by practice, James was first published in Imprint, the University of Waterloo's student newspaper. Habitual bureaucrat, James started The Baird's Tale as a way to implement the many criticisms of journalism he yells at his screen each day.

Kylie Bergfalk. Co-Editor-in-Chief. 

Husein Panju. Cartoonist.
Husein Panju is a Toronto-based cartoonist. His weekly webcomic, High Comedic Value, puts a spin on everyday life and is accessible to nerds and non-nerds alike. Although he is a lawyer by profession, Husein is actually a pretty decent human being in real life.

Hannah Chubb. Writer.
Hannah is a second year sociology/psychology/
communications student at McGill University in the breathtaking city of Montreal. Her passions include traveling, pens with fresh ink, and accidental alliteration. She is inspired to get out of bed each morning by the fear of being average.

John Budinsky. Writer.
John is a freelance writer, researcher, and occasional malcontent based in an ignominious suburb that he likes to pretend is part of Toronto. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning and is currently studying architecture. His other areas of expertise include the environment, politics, populism, wood, history, and voicing strong opinions.

Sam Fisher. Map-Maker. 

Kenny Koberstadlt. Writer.
Kenny Koberstadt is a 90’s nostalgic poet-pirate who doesn’t know how to make words behave. When he isn’t busy ignoring his student debts, he can be found working on his Broadcasting diploma, beating on drums, and screaming into microphones belligerently. He gives good hugs and misses playing in bands that like to have fun.



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