50 ways how to increase website traffic 2016

50 ways to how to  increase  website traffic for free  -

  Every blogger and website owners wants huge traffic to his website. It's a normal search over Internet that how to increase website traffic for free  these days.
   But to increase website  traffic and ranking high in google is not an easy work. It need a content strategy with better time management. Here I am providing you latest some hidden tips and tricks to rank higher in google, to how to increase website traffic for free and fast  and  to drive massive traffic to your website (Read slowly but read carefully) -
How to increase website traffic for free

1.Write a long post -

Long post gets better SERPs than small post in each search engine like google, yahoo and bing etc.Long post will be really helpful to how to  increase website traffic for free.  You can use case study, example and tutorials to make your post long. Expand on your content, fill out your blog posts and create truly viral content. If possible try to write a 2000 or more words post. 

2.Use Images and Info graphics -

Humans minds think in image not in text and many visitors see only images at website rather than text. So its good way to get more visitors If you use some great, funny and amazing info graphics and image.. If you are creative and like to research, then you should try creating info graphics, as they tend to attract many links and traffic and don't forget to submit your image and info graphics to info graphics/images  submission site. Its awesome ways to  how to increase website traffic for free. 

How to increase website traffic for free  tips no.  3 Write killer Headings -

Same like last example, most of visitors read only heading and analyze your full post by these headings. So always write eye catching, amazing and attractive headings.

4.On page seo -

Don't forget to work for On Page Seo to come in first page by your focusing keywords. My maib ficus keywords for this post is how to increase website traffic for free 2016 and many others . Before writing any post research on keywords. Here is top ten advanced seo tricks 2016.

5.Focus Long tail keywords -

You need to focus at long tail keywords if You want to be a successful content writer. Take help of Google Keywords planner which is no cost at all. My this post focus following long tail keywords like -
How to increase website traffic for free  and how to increase website traffic for fast.
Search engines work around keywords. For example, the term“funny pictures” is 15 times more searched than the term “funny images,” and how to increase website traffic for free is 4 times more searched than how to increase website traffic fast  so you probably should use that in a post title . You can use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to discover the search volume of any keyword. 

6. Start Guest Post -

Guest Post is the best way to link building, online relationship management and getting huge traffic instantly.Simply send your article to the blog owner and ask whether or not he wants to publish it as a guest post.
You can also write Guest Post for us. 

7. Invite others to write at your site -

Guest Posting works by two ways. Second is to invite others to write a guest post at your blog or site and ask them to share post at his social media fans.

8. Interlinking or Deep Linking -

Link your old post to new post like below so that user also visit at your older post and you can get increase page views.link to old posts from new ones and edit old posts to link to more recent ones.
Go back to old posts and edit them to update and improve them from time to time.This strategy will increase your traffic in two ways. First of all it will allow your visitors to explore your website more easily, increasing the number of pages views per visit. Secondly, it will also improve your search rankings because your link juice will be distributed among all pages of your website.

9. Interview others to your blog -

Interview famous person related to your niche can give you a huge traffic to your site.If they share this interview at their social media platform,  you can't imagine how much traffic you will get. 

10.Write About successful blog/site related to your site  -  

writing about succesful  site / blog  in niche can get you a good online reputation and also will helpful to boost your blog  traffic .Do not forget to remind them by email when you complete your post and published post and you can also ask them to share that post to their social media fans.Create a ranking of websites.
     A similar strategy is to create a ranking of websites, say the“25 Best Weight Loss Blogs.” The owners of the sites mentioned are likely to link to your article(especially if you contact them to let them know about it, thus sending your traffic.

11.Explore your analytics,

find out which is your most popular content and create more of the same.Highlight your most popular content. The easiest way to achieve this is to create a “Popular Articles” section on your footer.

12.Upload videos to YouTube and dailymotion —

YouTube can give you tons of traffic. If you can create some great quality video. Make sure a link to your site is in the  description and the video.If you want todo something simple, just record yourself talking in front of the web cam (obviously what youare talking about should be interesting to your visitors, as opposed to some general rambling. 
      Submit your videos to multiple sites. Once you have your videos ready to go, you should spread them on as many video websites as possible, and not just on YouTube.   Add your video in video submission sites.

13.Convert some of your content into a presentation and upload it to SlideShare

Sludeshare is a massive source of traffic.  It has 117th global rank. How to increase website traffic for free

14.Create a Facebook page for your blog.

Use it to communicate with your readers and post a notification every time you publish a new blog article.This is basically a page dedicated to your website, where your visitors can become fans,leave comments and so on.You can increase your Facebook fan page like by these 51 tricks 2016.

Increase website traffic Our Facebook fan page

15.Tweet all your posts when you publish them.

Twitter is the second popular social media site after Facebook. So don't forget to take benefits of tweeting.
How to increase website traffic

16.Link to your posts on your

   Google+ page when you publish them.

17.Use social media scheduling software

like Buffer to post automatically on social media at the best times of the day.

18.Join a collaborative Pinterest board

and tap into the audiences of all the other bloggers pinning to that board.
19.Comment on other blogs
      with insightful, useful comments. Here is top ten high pr blog comments  as a bonus you can create  80  . Edu and gov backlinks just in 40 minutes. 
20.build relationship - 
Reach out to other bloggers through their blog, by email or on social media. 

21.Include social sharing buttons on all your post

Include social bookmarking icons on your site. You can increase the number of votes and bookmarks you’ll get by including social bookmarking icons on your site.

22.Encourage engagement on your blog by ending your posts with a question.

23.Link to all your posts with StumbleUpon.

 Get people to stumble your articles. If you have friends using Stumble Upon, ask them to stumble your best articles. This should get the ball rolling, and if other Stumble Upon users like your content it might receive a lot of traffic from it.

24.Reply to your comments and emails —

    show your readership that you’re interested in what they have to say.

25.Join blogger Facebook groups and communities

 to share knowledge and help to promote each other’s content.

26.Create a LinkedIn profile

  with a link to your blog and contribute to groups and discussions in your field.

27.Submit your best posts to Digg.

Try to reach Digg’s front page. Reaching Digg‘s front page is quite difficult, but it is worth a try, because once you manage it you’ll receive tens of thousands of visitors. You should start by becoming an active Digg user, trying to make as many friends as possible and to understand the kind of content that works there. Once you have these two things, get a friend to submit one of your best stories, and get your network of contacts to vote on it

28.link to your old posts periodically from your social media account.

29.Include a link to your blog in every single online profile you have.  

   When you create a profile on a social network, you are usually able to include the URL of your website.Guess what? This is a link building opportunity, and it might increase your traffic (both because of the visitors you’ll get and because of the link juice).

30.List your blog in as many free blog directories

     as you can find.Here is top ten easy submitted web directory. The  amount of traffic you’llget from this tactic depends on the quality of the web directories that will accept you. If you submit to hundreds of them, however, the traffic might build up.
If you have a blog, you can also submit to blog directories. 

31.Post helpful information in forums

      related to your niche and include your blog’s URL in your signature.Join online forums and put a link to your website in your signature. Regardless of the topic of your website, you’ll certainly find dozens of elated online forums to join. Most of them allow you to put a link in your signature, and you can use that to send visitors to your own website.
     Apart from putting a link to your website in your signature, you can also link to your articles when writing forum posts. For example, if you just wrote a post that is useful to other forum members, you could start a thread letting them know about it, and asking for feedback.
   Just make sure to do this when your article is relevant, else you might get flagged as a spammer and banned from forums.

32.Submit articles to article directories

    like Ezine Articles. If your article is re-published on another blog you’ll benefit from extra links.Here is top ten article submission directory 
       Article marketing is a very common and effective way to increase your traffic. You basically need to submit your articles to article directories.Virtually all of them allow you to include a link back to your site, and that is how your traffic will increase.Blog directories help you to how to increase website traffic for free and fast. 

33.Write and syndicate press release linking back to your blog.

34.Publish an e-book

           and sell it or offer it for free on Amazon Kindle. Make sure your web address is in the first 10% of the book so it shows up in the sample. This is one of the most efficient ways to generate traffic. Simply write a compelling eBook, and then release it on your website. Include a direct download link, and email bloggers and webmasters in your niche to let them know about it. The better the information in your eBook, the more people will share and recommend it, and the more traffic you’ll gain.

35..Enter blogging competitions

      your blog will usually be promoted on the website hosting the competition and social media for free.

36.Answer questions on Yahoo! Answers or Quora and leave a link to your website.

   Answer to questions on Yahoo! Answers. Spend some time browsing the questions on Yahoo! You can include a link to your website as an additional resource, or to a specific article inside your site that answers the question too.Same theory You can apply at Quora.

37.Ping your blog posts with a tool like Pingomatic.

38..Optimize your website for viewing on mobile devices.

39.Create an app for iPhone or Android. Google’s mobile operating system, called Android, is quickly catching up, so you could create a website app for it as well and submit android app in all app download sites to get better results.

40.Leave comments on other blogs.

Develop the habit of visiting blogs inside your niche and leaving comments on them. You can include a link to your website on each comment, and some visitors will certainly come through those links. You can build quality backlinks by blog commenting. 

41. Make Network  -

      If you become a friend with a blogger or website owner, he will be much more likely to link to your website and send traffic your way. Agood way to achieve this is to link to other bloggers first and to establish a relationship via email.

42.Write a "Top 10","how to" ,  "beginner guide"  type post -

Internet users love “Top 10″ lists, because they are easy to digest and contain useful stuff (i.e., 10 resources, 10 tips, and so on)
       If “Top 10″ lists are good for traffic generation, “Top 100″ ones are great. This article is an example. People will bookmark and share your “Top 100″ list naturally because of the value it packs together.

43. Customize your 404 error page.

    Whether you like it or not people will get 404 errors on your website. Maybe they will misspell your URLs, maybe someone will link to an insistent page inside your website, and so on. If you use a normal 404 error page, visitors will simply move on to another website. If you customize your 404 error page to include some useful links, however, you’ll channel these visitors to other parts of your site,thus increasing your traffic and it will also help how to increase website traffic for free.

44.Speed up your website -

There are many research papers confirming that most Internet users will only wait a couple of seconds for a web page to load. If it doesn’t, they will close it and move to another website. On top of that search engines also use the loading speed as a ranking factor, so the faster your site loads, the higher your search rankings. The first thing you should do to improve your loading speed is to remove unnecessary elements from your site and to reduce the size of your images.

45.whatsApp group  -

What's App marketing is the newest way of promoting a product. Simply add in many groups related to you niche and promote yourself.

46. Facebook ads.-

The best alternative to Google AdWords is the Facebook Ads platform.You’ll be able to pay both per click and per 1,000 impressions, and you can also target very specific demographics, to make sure the visitors will be interested in your content.

47. Purchase banner ads directly.

Virtually any website owner is willing to sell banner ads. If you find a website that is closely related to yours, therefore, you could contacts the owner asking how much he would charge for a banner ad. The return on the investment might be high here,because the visitors that will come will be likely to stick around and become loyal readers of your site.


48.Submit your content to Reddit -

If you fail to get success with Digg, try Reddit. It works in a similar way, but it is smaller and has a more friendly community, so your content might do better there. Funny stuff, technology and politics are topics particularly suitable for the site.


49.Host webinars -

Hosting a simple webinars can you famous as well as will provide you lot's of traffic.


50. Use Google Adwords -

Google Adwords is a costly service but it's  most effective way to increase website traffic.


I am sure if you use these techniques than you will surely get 10000 visitors easily at each month. If you have any questions,  you can ask me in comments section.If you any more tips to add in hoe to increase website traffic for free and fast in 2016 then please let me know.