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"Oh, the places you'll go" - Dr. Seuss

If you're wondering when you might bump into us again look no further. Here are some of the places we'll be. If you see us please be sure to say hello!

Or if you'd prefer contact us to schedule a coffee & chat at: info@techstartni.com

Ormeau Baths

Most weeks Tuesday mornings from 9-11

November ProductTank

November 13 2017 - Ormeau Baths

IntertradeIreland Seedcorn Final

November 22 2017 - Dublin

Deloitte Ventures Launch

November 22 2017 - Ormeau Baths

Innovation Factory Open House

November 22 2017- Innovation Factory

Young Enterprise Big Market Event

December 6 2017 - St. George's Market

Craigavon Open Office

December 7 2017 - CIDO



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