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Welcome to our November edition of the techstart Newsletter. Here we will share with you our thoughts, excerpts from interesting articles and exciting news from our portfolio. This month's newsletter is centred around Product.

Finding the Right Fit...

The term Product Market Fit (PMF) was created in 2007 by Marc Andeerssen. He defines it as "being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market." If you think that sounds easy... you're wrong.

One of the leading reasons why start-ups fail is due to no market need. Finding the right fit is tough and many start-ups struggle to ever reach the holy grail of "PMF". In this newsletter we have provided some articles around how to obtain the holy grail of "PMF" and how to think about design in relation to your product.

The Latest News

Read about what's going on with portfolio companies: Neurovalens, Locate A Locum, Syndeo, See.Sense and Inflyte. Plus, the latest news from the techstart team.

-techstart Team

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