Brain-computer interface tech scoops inaugural E&T innovation prize

A neurotechnology platform that uses artificial intelligence to translate brainwaves into control signals has been named as the first winner of a new E&T-backed prize for Innovation of the Year at the IET’s 2018 Innovation Awards in central London.

NeuroConcise, whose technology can be embedded and concealed in any standard headgear and gives the user a high degree of interaction without physical movement, was one of 14 category winners in this year’s IET Innovation Awards announced on Wednesday night. Others included inventions to improve healthcare treatment, repair power networks, alert the need for structural repairs and generate renewable energy.

All were in the running for the E&T trophy, judged by a panel of the magazine’s editors including editor in chief Dickon Ross (pictured above, left) with NeuroConcise’s Damien Coyle and Damien Coney, plus awards host Sally Phillips.

The NeuroConcise platform uses a brain-computer interface that translates changes in the brain associated with imagination of movement or perceiving a stimulus into commands that allow the user to specify actions or communicate without moving. The technology has already enabled a person with spinal injuries to compete in the Cybathlon championship for athletes with disabilities and has the potential to determine consciousness in patients in a persistent vegetative state.

It also won the Start-Up category, whose judging panel said they were “particularly impressed with the innovation and its promise to help improve the quality of life of ‘locked-in’ patients.”

The read the entire article including the full list of 2018 IET Innovation Award winners click HERE.



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