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“This investment is a clear vote of confidence in the Cloudsmith team and their ability to execute.”

Hal Wilson, Partner at Techstart Ventures

“We are excited to have TechStart on board as an investor - what impressed us most was the time they took to really understand and challenge our long-term goals and objectives. This investment will supercharge our growth trajectory and will allow us to embark on an ambitious programme of research”

Phil Morrow, Retinize CEO

"We were delighted that Unity recognised the achievements of Paul, Mike and the rest of the team at ChilliConnect with this acquisition. This was the first exit from our recently launched Scottish fund as well as being our first investment alongside London based Ascension Ventures."

Mark Hogarth, Techstart Ventures

“We are delighted to have secured this investment from TechStart which will give us the ability to rapidly grow our high tech team in Belfast to develop an application that will be a world’s first and has the potential to save the global dairy industry billions of pounds annually in increased efficiencies”

Terry Canning, CattleEye Founder

"This deal is a testament to the hard work our development and operations staff have put in to create the best locum and staff workforce management platform available.”

Jonathon Clarke, CEO at Locate a Locum