You're Reading This on Mobile, Aren't You?

Don't worry, we aren't watching your every move. Yet. But if our analytics are right, there's about a 90% chance that if you came across this via your social media, you're reading this on a mobile device . Of course, we do realise that in saying this, there's also 10% of you rolling around laughing - "No, silly writer, I'm reading this on my trusty Windows 95 powered desktop, and that's not changing anytime soon". We salute you, hermits of the technology world. Some of you are working through whether we're right or not, after all, Mike shared it, meaning you found this on your desktop, but you wouldn't have seen it at all if Mike wasn't on his mobile to share it. And speaking of Mike, why doesn't he call like he used to?

There's also a fair percentage of you that are now locked in internal debate on a range of subjects, from whether you have a mobile, mini-tablet, tablet, or some unholy combination of all three, and if you count as part of the 90% of readers. And even more likely, some of you have tuned out, and wrote this whole article off as an uninteresting and dreary read that isn't worth your time. You might be right. But maybe not. Only one way to find out, and that's be brave and read the 3 reasons why we're so sure.

Now. If we were cheating, we could probably come up with some super clever redirect whereby if accessing by desktop, you would be sent to another article, and if by mobile, you would come here - boosting the numbers to match what we said. But there's no fun in that. So here's how we figured it out as best we could.

1) Analytics don't lie...well. Usually.

liar nose

2) All hail Google

image (2)

Our favourite behemoth. Sure, they maybe ramped up the evil lately. They may even start knocking us down a bit in the page rankings if we start spamming keywords (AI, Automation, Twitter, best in class, social media, excellent hair). They might even send the driverless car to run us over next Tuesday (if (author identified) action = do not kill). But when it comes down to it, one thing that analytics will tell us, is that you most likely didn't come here from Bing - even if it used to be Spiderman's search engine of choice. From Google Analytics, your business, blog, or any page that you run which has it enabled, can see where the traffic comes from, where people leave the website, what sources they arrive from, and everything in between. The trouble is, you need to know what you're looking for. 100k hits on your page last week, with nearly half being referred by social media? Great. But if your business is about selling coffee, and you've got 50,000 tea drinkers visiting your page, then what's the point?

3) There's always a point

image (3)

The point is this - analytics can give you detailed insights, and allow you to respond appropriately. You might decide to start selling tea. Or you might decide that really what you need to do, is attract the right people. In terms of social media, and Twitter in particular, SoGrow is an excellent way to do this. Using it's intelligent search, SoGrow automatically reaches out to people that you ask it to find - in this case, coffee shops, baristas, and coffee lovers. It automatically follows them, and if they follow back, will send them a nice message (though not straight away - no need to let them know you've employed the robot!).

On top of this, it will like, retweet and share relevant content for you, and unfollow anyone who hasn't followed you back after 10 days. There's benefits here not just for business, but for individuals too. Got a blog that you're trying to get off the ground? Use it to find like-minded individuals for what you're writing about. Maybe you're a new student, and trying to find other students to make friends and go drinking with? SoGrow can help you find them. How about a small business owner, that's trying to connect with businesses abroad but hasn't got the time? SoGrow.

image (4)

SoThere you have it. We estimate that 90% of you came here because of mobile social media. Now that you know that analytics are your crystal ball, what's in your social future? We hope it's SoGrow.

Visit, and launch your 30 day free trial today.