What is the CAPE (Cyclically-Adjusted Price-to-Earnings) Variable Withdrawal Method?

TL;DR: A budget method where you spend more when the stock market is high, but spend less when stocks are down.

The CAPE withdrawal method is a flexible way to determine your maximum spending budget for the year. The CAPE method ties your spending level to a long term average valuation of the stock market. The intention is to balance your risk of running out of money in retirement, while not being too frugal if your investments are doing well.

CoastFIRE = Brave Youngsters

"These are mostly young couples that had regular jobs that allowed them to save enough money to quit their jobs, buy a small boat, and start their journey with just a few months worth of expenses in their bank accounts… Most often, we see couples that find regular jobs at marinas, have skills that make them extra cash or even come back to land during the off-season to replenish the cruising kitty. They are resourceful. They're grinders and risk-takers."

LeanFIRE = Frugal Paycheck Workhorses

"These are young(ish) and middle-aged couples with regular jobs and biweekly paychecks. These are the couples that decided to live frugally, worked like their dreams depended on it, and made smart financial decisions many years in advance. They are the workhorses that drove beat-up cars, split entrees at restaurants, and lived in houses well below their means."

FatFIRE = Business Owners

"These range from young tech entrepreneurs to middle age business owners, to doctors, dentists, and other professionals with their own practices who had very successful yet short (by choice) careers. These people usually worked extremely hard and were fortunate enough to sell their business and accumulate the type of wealth that allows them to sail indefinitely. They don't ever have to work again." Credit to Yolanda and Nestor from Blue Buddha Adventures