Earthing Ritual

Nikki Van De Car

From time to time, and more and more often these days, we all need to take a moment and ground ourselves. To regain our inner peace, to connect with the earth and be healed by it, returning our energies to it and healing the earth in turn.

Nothing is needed for this ritual but time and intention, but certain items can assist your practice: 

  • ​​Hematite crystal, a stone of protection and grounding. It will seal out negative forces. Alternatively, you could program clear quartz to serve the same purpose. 
  •  A smudge wand, perhaps with sage, lavender, thyme and mandrake. 
  • An essential oil blend featuring any of the above.
  • Access to the earth, either grass or dirt. If this is not feasible, get as low to the floor as you can. 

​ ​


Start by cleansing your space and your area, with a smudge wand if you choose, and some slow, deep breaths. If you choose, dab a little essential oil on your temples and the soles of your feet.

Sit comfortably, as low to the ground as you can. Hold your crystal lightly in your palm, or sit with your hands in your lap.

Close your eyes and allow awareness of your surroundings to capture your attention. Feel the air on your face, the floor or grass or earth beneath you, the smells and sounds surrounding you. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply.

Feel your connection to that which is beneath you. Allow your breath to sync with the natural pulse, the ebb and flow of the earth. Soak in the free-flowing electrons from the ground and let them restore you to balance. Let your mind drift, and continue to breathe.

When you feel ready, allow your eyes to open, slowly and gently. Take a final deep breath, and bow your head to your chest. When you rise to your feet, do so with intention, feeling the earth beneath you, supporting you.

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