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4 areas to check before the Home Inspector arrives

Tips for common repairs and a list of items checked by the home inspector.

4 Areas to Inspect/Repair before the Home Inspection

The home inspection is one of the most critical parts of buying and selling a home. The homeowner should inspect these areas before the inspector gets there, to help eliminate concern over some of the most commonly needed repairs.

Change Filters

It's always important to keep filters changed on a regular basis but just before the home inspection is a good idea. If the filter is dirty, many inspectors will recommend servicing the unit.

Check for leaks

Make sure there are no obvious leaks at sinks, showers & tubs, and in the crawl space.

Minor cracks in sheetrock and concrete

Not to hide a serious problem but repairing small cracks in sheetrock or a concrete slab can eliminate unnecessary worry regarding foundation settling.

Downspouts and Basement moisture

Water is one of the most common causes of damage in a home. Make sure all downspouts are connected to the gutter and draining away from the house.