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Create A Content Hub In Minutes

Collect documents, videos, links and audio files in one place to give your audience the content they need most.

Your audience is drowning in content.

If you're producing lots of content across different channels then it can be difficult to show customers the specific resources that are most likely to drive conversions.

Content Hubs help you to organise your chosen content in one central location so your customers see the resources that matter most.

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It’s a collection of content from various sources, including:

Blog Posts




Google Docs

Simple But Powerful

You can build Content Hubs for a wide range of use cases.

screenshot of a sample lead generation campaign

Lead Generation

Generating leads with your Content Hub is easier than ever.

Configure your opt-in form once, then connect the Hub to your preferred CRM. You can even segment subscribers based on which resource they download.

Our Smart Subsciber feature means that your readers only have to enter their email address once. This increases the chances of them downloading more resources and gives you a better picture of who they are.

screenshot of a sample account based marketing campaign

Account Based Marketing

You can't expect key accounts to find all the content that they need by casually browsing your site.

Content Hubs help you to curate the content that you think will resonate most with that individual.

This personalised content experience helps you to guide prosepcts through the buying journey with less noise and more signal. A more efficient process for both you and your customers.

Customize the design of each Content Hub to match your prospect's branding and help them to feel right at home.

screenshot of a sample promotional campaign

Promotional Campaigns

Keep all campaign specific content in one place by organizing it in a Content Hub.

Curating content in this way helps to focus the campaign and ensures that content doesn't get lost in the mix with other day-to-day content.

With this tailored browsing experience your audience will have a single touch point for all campaign related content, making it easier to binge the content you've worked so hard on.



Multimedia Support

Upload a wide range of file types, including documents, video and audio formats.


Web Links

Include web links in your Hub. Perfect if you want to include Google Docs, or YouTube videos.


Automatic Thumbnails

When you upload a file we will autlmatically generate a thumbnail image of the resource.


Smart Subscribers

If your readers want to download more than one resource then you don't need to force them to enter their email address more than once.


Resource Analytics

Analyze the individual performance of each resource in a Content Hub.


Multiple Filter Levels

Help people to browse your Content Hub more easily by organizing resources in the categories of YOUR choice.


Instant Search

Resource titles AND descriptions are searchable so your readers can find exactly what they're looking for in a flash.


Customizable Design

Change colors, fonts and page layout to suit your brand.


Mobile Optimisation

Your Content Hub is automatically optimized for a range of screen sizes including smart phones and tablets.


On-Site Embed

You can embed Content Hubs on your own website so it looks like a fully integrated part of your site.

How Does It Work?

Screenshot of add content screen

1. Add Content

Choose what content to include in your Hub. You can upload multimedia files, link to blog posts, Google Docs or any web page.

Screenshot of opt-in form settings

2. Enable Opt-In Forms

Enable per-resource opt-in forms with the click of a button. We connect with your favourite CRM and we'll also deliver the resource straight to your prospect's inbox.

Screenshot of customize panel

3. Customize Design

Content Hubs should reflect your own brand so you can change colors, fonts and layouts to ensure a seamless brand experience for your customers.

Screenshot of share screen

4. Share

Publish each Hub as a standalone microsite or embed it directly inside your web page.

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