Game Programming 101

Get started with video game programming using Visual Studio and Unity.

Jeremy Callinan

Class Resources


The Course Guide

Game Programming 101

The Checklist

This list of items should give you a great overview of being a game programmer:

Game-Programming-101-Checklist + Khan Academy Program Sheet

Here's a good list of lessons to do:

Game Programming 101 Code.Org Program Sheet

Unity: + Asset Store:!/

PS: If you are interested in developer resources:



Introduction to Engines VS Frameworks, and common examples of each


  • Haxeflixel - Haxe based 2D framework supporting HTML5, iOS, Android, Desktop and more.
  • LibGDX - Java Framework / Engine
  • Love - 2D Lua based Game Framework
  • - Desktop and Mobile HTML5 Framework
  • MonoGame is an open-source cross-platform reimplementation of XNA
  • PyGame - 2D Python Game Framework


Unreal Engine 4

Installing Unreal -



Getting set up to use the Phaser video game framework in Visual Studio

— Phaser

Add Visual Studio template:

Flappy Bird in Phaser – Flappy-Bird-Phaser

-Download Phaser Examples

– Make a new Phaser project

– Use code from examples


Large list of game source code:

PS Might need:

List of places to view game source code

Big game source code list - - Unreal made a great page describing GitHub and how this all works

More: - games engine source code! - another cool game - another list - some other links to other source code - surprisingly, there is a ton of games that publishers open source once they get old. - Lots of clones of games too - source code from a python game programming book -



Games we've made before

This a list of the games made in our video game programming classes at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford using mostly Unity, Visual Studio, and various toolkits:

Source code for Sound Shock , our Global Game Jam 2017 entry -

Every student writes/edits/debugs C# in the process of taking this class, and learns about a lot of the important concepts in programming - such as classes, methods, variables, loops, if statements, etc.



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