How to Navigate Facebook like a Leader!

So your visibility doesn't lead to burnout or a damaged reputation!​


Being a busy fool on Facebook is a recipe for burn out and frustration! In this guide, I will show you how to navigate Facebook EFFECTIVELY & STRATEGICALLY in order get the most from it. Trying to be constantly actively visible on Facebook will kill your vibe and your business!

The strange strategy of spamming every group your a member of 3-5 times a day is a recipe for disaster both for your health, vibe and business!

High-Profile Coaches do not behave in this manner and if that's what you are/want to be, then it's time to show up POWERFULLY, STRATEGICALLY and as the awesome LEADER you are! 

Keys to Success

The  keys to success when making the most out of Facebook are as folllows:-

  • Build Relationships 
  • Respect other peoples groups/houses
  • Demonstrate your worth
  • Be a part of a community
  • Grow your own audience!

In the rest of this eBook I'm going to show you how to do these effectively! We may 'know' these points already... but if you're feeling like the busy fool or that Facebook isn't giving back for the effort going in, then either your business foundations (niche & ideal client) aren't right OR you're not implementing those steps successfully!

Execution trumps knowledge EVERY TIME!

In a Nutshell:- Rules of Navigating Facebook

Here are the rules of engagement! Engagement being the most important word! 

1. Don't post and run! This also counts for value posts too, frankly, I find it annoying when I see posts in my group from people who love the sound of their own value but refuse to engage on anyone else's posts! (ps I've been guilty of this in the past... no ivory tower over here)

2. Network- BE a part of a group, not an empty number! Build a relationship with the leader of the group and support them and build relationships with the other 'hell yeah' members of the group. Actually involve yourself in discussion, a like or a heart doesn't cut it. (also guilty in the past)

3.Get to know the ethos and mission of the group and post relevant value in line with it and that respects the leader. If the group or the leader is not in alignment with your values or isn't relevant or valuable to you... get outta there!

4. Be respectful but strong and stand in your truth. You'll be respected and NOTICED for it.

5. Remember there is no competition only collaboration, carve your own corner of the world and stand together in strength.

6. Be mindful of the traffic in the group, if it's a quiet group don't spam 4 messages in a row, it's not necessary and it's annoying... if it's a very busy group it may be able to cope with more... but don't dilute your message. Quality over quantity.

7. Tell your reader/viewer what you want them to do next and make sure there is a

point behind what you're sharing. Memes and generic inspirational messages without relevance to your zone of genius/message is a NO!

8. Know your mission and your message and make sure your posts are in alignment... inconsistent and mixed messages cause more harm than you realise!

9. Hang out and network in groups where your IC hangs out... obvious but it does involve stepping outside your comfort zone.

10. Introduce yourself and stay engaged and connected! Ask for help or for an opinion and start engaging early!

11. Only promo where you're allowed to promo and make it obvious - in the words of

Jessica Lorimer - 'if you're going to sell, SELL!'

12. Your primary purpose should be to serve and support... make sure you do because you'll be loved for it and you'll attract the right people!

Powerful & Strategic Visibility

Here are the rules of engagement! Engagement being the most important word! 

Now I'm not saying don't be visible! Visibility is KEY to your success!

Visibility is about sharing your powerful message, serving those that need you, and attracting them to join your audience. But visibility does not mean just posting! Visibility comes in many forms, such as:-

  • ​Engaging in conversation
  • Posting support on other people's posts
  • Offering tips and advice on a thread (NOT asking people to PM you)
  • Taking part in other peoples invitations, particularly those given by the owner of the group (challenges, joining private membership sites where the cream of the crop hang out, watching live trainings and posting genuine comments and conversation)
  • Supporting the Leaders of the groups you hang out in. Ps. you should only BE in groups where you genuinely jive with the values of the leader, so you should already be in respect of their 'way' of doing things.

​Guess what? This is all about relationship building! This is called being PART of a group.

One of the worst things you can do in a group is use it as purely a posting platform to stay in peoples minds. Because trust me, you'll be staying in their minds for the wrong reasons! 

FB Group Posting Strategy

AFTER you've done all the above things (as well as actually taking the time to introduce yourself) go ahead and share your value, and then continue to do the above! 

You're probably thinking this is going to take up quite a bit of time to do that! Well,

yes and no... It takes time for sure but if you're strategic about where you show up and how many groups you show up in it shouldn't be too time consuming. 

Pick between 2-5 groups to hang out in, the less groups the more time you'll have to be a part of the ones you choose and remember being a part of the community is CRITICAL to your success!

A quality group is where others are abiding by the same principles i.e. supporting

each other, engaging, they have a respected leader etc.

The best groups you can be in are ran by leaders who compliment and support your work, this is where you can build up relationships with the right key influencers which will raise your profile.

Once you've got your groups, commit to showing up in them regularly and build those relationships with the Leaders and the members!

When it comes to posting, quality over quantity every time!

I write 3 powerful posts at the beginning of the week and then post sporadically across the groups I'm in, sometime repurposing into a live or video where allowed. Tweaking them to personalise for each group and changing up the images. The last thing you want people to see is Jen Hall has posted in 5 groups with the same post notifications! Spamtastic!

Also make sure you acknowledge the Leader in some of your posts where relevant, this could be a mention around how you were inspired by some of their work/words or it - again, this is relationship building!

Respect their home! If you're posting in a group where the leader is all about strategy, don't be posting about how strategy is ALL bollocks! If you're in there and that's what you really think, then perhaps you shouldn't be there! Polarising isn't about pissing the leader off, it's about showing up powerfully and positively. You should be choosing groups that compliment what you do and lift you up! It's not about pissing over the floor and asking their audience to join your group because you have a 'better' way of doing things. Show up with class! It's about building relationships and attracting people in a positive manner to find out more about what you can do for them. The other members 'should' be totally bought into the leader of that group (otherwise why

would they be there?) so the last thing they want to see happen to them is them being

toppled. Compliment what they offer and show up with support!

Follow the rules of the group, if you're unsure what the boundaries are, ask!

How much time?

How long is a piece of string? It's up to you how much time you want to give it but set yourself boundaries and stick to them! Delete the app from your phone if it helps you feel calmer and more in control of your time!

Content creation for all your Facebook posts should not be taking more than an hour in any week!

Here's a sample schedule of what you might do in any one day in terms of engaging if you were committed to 3 groups:-

10 -15 mins per group you're involved with for engaging/relationship building (p.s. likes don't count) x2 Morning/Afternoon/Evening - whichever 2 times work for you or when the group's more 'alive'.

So max 45 mins a day for engagement for 3 groups.

Max 5 mins posting a value post you've already written in your content creation hour and tweak it!

So all in all if you're strategic, you can be in other people's Facebook groups for an hour a day.

For those of you reading this going 'yeah right!' - try it!

But you have to schedule the time in and don't get sucked into anything else!

I'm not including time I spend in my own group or for time spent creating content to share in there such as FB Lives, because that is purposeful  time well spent, as it nurtures your audience and it's where the conversion happens; where they turn from perfect prospect to ideal client before they've been offered anything... so that  when the offers made, it's an easy decision. ​

Notification Time Suck

Answering notifications can be the time suck, so for this... make sure you just hide any where someone has liked or reacted to your posts. You don't really need to go over to your posts every time someone likes it, if you want to monitor what's working, go back at the end of the week to each of the 3 posts in each group and count up the likes and the comments. 

Tag on 10 mins AFTER you've done your relationship building tasks on other people's stuff to go in and check your posts and engage with the comments that have been left.


​Don't ever forget about the power of repurposing! Repurpose does not mean copy and paste! But it does mean tweak and share! Give your content to your VA to turn Blogs into posts or Vlogs into Blogs into posts and graphics! Or use to turn audio/video into written text!

Promotion for Leaders

​Now I'm not saying you should never promote in other people's groups (unless of course the rules forbid it then definitely don't), BUT as a High-Profile Leader you should be focusing on promoting in your 'house'. By house I mean your own FB group, email list, LinkedIn Group, YouTube Channel etc etc

When you promote in other people's groups you are always competing against the authority of that space. The Leader of that group has earned the right to promote in there, they have spent a lot of time nurturing the audience and the audience are being empowered to spend money with them - otherwise why would they be an active member if they didn't like the Leaders stuff!

Rather than focusing on selling in other people's spaces,  focus instead on serving the members of that group with your value and expertise and if allowed, offer them a freebie in exchange for their email address in the form of a PDF, FB Challenge that you are running, audio download etc etc. Then you can focus on nurturing them on your own turf, where you become the authority and expert and you can demonstrate your

value by helping them get further in their journey.

Besides, when you offer them your content relevant to your niche and ideal client, you ensure you pre-qualify the right people to join your list / FB group. 

One of the BEST ways to present your freebie and demonstrate your awesomeness at the same time, is asking to do a Guest Expert Spotlight in the group and offer it out at the end!

If you're not allowed to promote, make sure your personal profile has the relevant links public, so people have visibly obvious easy access to join your list, group or space. Change your personal profile cover photo to have a link to your invitation (group, freebie etc).

​Strong & Powerful

​By limiting the amount of groups you're in you're able to show up FULLY as the best version of you!

You're able to be a part of the community and take value as well as give it!

You'll build REAL & GENUINE relationships with people who have your back and key influencers who raise your profile!

By limiting the amount of posts you put out there, it means you don't dilute your message and you share powerful soulful posts that hit the spot with your ideal clients!

By limiting & scheduling the time you spend on Facebook you increase productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and have more time to focus on other areas of lead generation such as PR strategies and other social media platforms. Plus more time for nurturing and selling in your own spaces!

In your own focus space(s) that you have chosen to nurture your audience in, such as your Facebook group and your list, make sure you give them  something special that they won't get from you anywhere else. Otherwise what's the point of them following you?

And there you have it! POWERFUL, STRATEGIC, HIGH PROFILE VISIBILITY on Facebook!​