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​Marriage Communication Assessment

3 Steps to Better Communication

Step 1: Assess where you are at:

  • Why do you feel communication needs to be improved?​
  • What are the best conversations you and your spouse have?  Why?​
  • Where are you struggling to communicate?​

Step 2: On a scale of 1-10 how good would you say your communication is?

  • 1-2 scale- you want to know how to deepen intimacy and understanding even better​
  • 3-4 scale- you communicate well but have a few issues you’re having difficulty resolving​
  • 5-6 scale- you communicate on a surface level but don’t address real issues or have tension when they are brought up. You have no structure or support for addressing issues or getting needs met.​
  • 7-8 scale- you argue you a lot and seem to disagree or fall into bad communication habits more often than not.  There seems to be little you have in common or can communicate about​
  • 9-10 scale- you cannot have a conversation about even the simplest things without it escalating into a fight or disagreement.​

Step 3: Reflect

  • What do you need to move up a level or two or even get to a level 10?
  • Do you need to set boundaries?  Clarify what good communication means
  • to you?  Get outside help from a coach or professional who has helped other struggling couples master communication?
  • How do you communicate problems that need to be resolved to your spouse, your friends/family and yourself?
  • How do you talk to yourself? Would you talk that way to a friend? 
  • Are you taking time to step back and get to the core issue or need, or do you let the problem and uncomfortable emotion swirl around inside your head?​

Bonus Step

Take action!  Go back to what you determined you need to do to move up a level and eventually get to a level 10 and take one small step each day this week.  You will be amazed if given even a little time and focus, how quickly your communication can improve!

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