The power is within you to rise from the ashes. How far you rise is up to you.

Very approachable - we were able to connect and share our thoughts in an open and transparent way.

Darren Urwin, National Office Manager, National Health Coalition

Thank you for sharing your perspective, knowledge and resources. You drew my attention to two aspects of Business Development that I'd not thought about.

GS, Executive Leadership Coach

Lynda is passionate and intuitive as well as performance-focused and business savvy - a combination of traits not often found in one person. She has a deep understanding of people and a breadth of experience having worked in various industries and organisations. All this together makes Lynda an outstanding Facilitator, Coach and Change Agent who can add extra value. I can recommend Lynda very highly.

Leslie Hamilton, Executive Coach, Director, FutureScape

I was just embarking on the coaching journey and was working on getting a better understanding of my "who" and nailing down the content in my training and my offer.

Lynda provided detailed insights into multiple areas of my coaching program that could be improved. She was kind, clear and forthright with what she did and did not like in the program. I really appreciated her suggestions knowing that the next time I run my program it will be 100 times better! She also freely shared her other ideas on ways I could offer my program to a slightly different audience with minor tweaks. The potential audience for my coaching program idea has expanded significantly without requiring major changes to my program.

Lynda is a master at business breakthrough and will be a huge asset in implementing a new business idea with success.

Rebekah Richards, Challenge Consultant, End Tech Paralysis

I always seek advice from Lynda when I don't have certainty or don't know what is required for the next step. As a young professional who wants to explore my options, I need someone who has a good understanding of different paths and the relevant skills required.

Lauren Kim, Human Resource Advisor, McDonalds

I will treasure the insight re tapping into the emotional state at which we can often find ourselves in, then realising that we DO have the impetus and drive to achieve the best in our own capabilities when we encounter various challenges in either everyday activities or doubts we may have.

Darren Urwin, National Office Manager, National Health Coalition

Lynda's energy and empathy, coupled with her strategic thinking and business know-how has made her a great coach and advisor. She listened to the issues carefully and co-designed tools that work! I'd recommend her to those who need advice on business /operational development and/or executive coaching.

Jenny Chu, Procurement Specialist, Asian Development Bank (ADB)