Overcome Imposture Syndrome and Stand Out with Confidence

Get out of your head and into the hearts of more people (finally!)​


Congratulations, you are ready to become an expert!

Reading an entire book can seem like a big task. It's meant to be worked through, like a process. You can read the entire thing through once, and then go back and put pen to paper, or you can start working and doing as soon as you turn the page!

However you choose to move through this workbook, come back to it often! You will be creating and sharing some major ideas and action steps here-- And the more you come back and implement and grow, the more you will be recognized as an expert!

What to expect:

  • A step by step game plan to set yourself up as an expert in your field
  • The exact templates you need to make relevant connections in your field, and to be featured in major publications
  • The mindset tools you need to keep your self-improvement simple, constant, and powerful
  • How to use your current platforms and social media channels to establish your expertise (for free)!

Remember, DREAM LIFE IS REAL LIFE! And whatever you put in these pages is going to become real. So let's dive in....

About The Author

Hanna Hermanson is just like you, an expert in her field.

Born and raised in small town Wisconsin, I did "all of the right things" to get me into my dream college, and eventually my "dream job"...

I decided the first place I could make an impact was with college students. Their raw interest in the world, and their willingness to try and learn anything made undergraduates my ideal population to work with. I landed a "job of my dreams" working as an Advisor.

I was floating. For about 4 months...

Adults don't just have meaningful conversations and roll around in cash all day! I found that work days are filled with repetitive meetings, Facebook creeping, too much free coffee, and mindlessly clicking through emails. I looked down my own career path to only see 30 years of monotony until I could retire. Where had my big dreams of “changing the world” and living in sunshine gone?

I'll never forget when a student asked me, "If you could do anything all day, what would you do?" I was startled by how quickly I responded, "I would help people

figure out how to live their best life".

So, I got real about my dreams. And racked up a few more certifications (Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Trainer, Certified International Coach).. 

Now, my expertise is helping people identify their purpose and create their Dream Life.

As an Official Member of Forbes Coaches Council, I support business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals on creating and growing businesses with the skills and passions they already have. I teach them the EXACT blueprint that has created my 6-figure online business. 


  •  Forbes, Millennial Influencer Summit, True Toast, Thrive Global, Medium, Millennial Go-Getters, Digital Revolution Podcast, Digital Nomad Accelerator Podcast 


  • "She is so good on strategic and tactical level. Hanna has done an amazing job helping me out with my business and keeping me in line with my objectives. The energy and passion she brings to her work is infectious and keeps me constantly growing my income and my impact." -Dominick DeAngelis, Dominick DeAngelis Coaching LLC ​

  • "Hanna astounds me with her ongoing support. When we started, my goal was to create a business, earn $4,000 a month, and quit my day job. What actually happened is that I earned $20,000 in my first month and became location independent!" -Nisha Hewlet, Aligned Pretzel​

  • "Working with Hanna has gotten me clear on goals and held me accountable to make my passion project into a business. Together, we have created a business model I'm excited about and she gives lots tools to make it real each time we talk!" -Shaina Mason, Happiness Exposed



How often do you compare yourself to others?​

Stop playing the comparison game

Get over impostor syndrome. 90% of what is holding you back is your own self-perception.

The next time you find yourself comparing, ask yourself: 

  • How am I similar to this person?
  • What do I see them gaining that I think I deserve?
  • What do I find bothersome or offensive about their approach or presence online? 
  • What do I sense they’re doing better than me? 
  • What am I not doing that they’re doing well? 
  • What bothers them about me? 

Take some time to reflect on all of the positive attributes you have to offer those around you. Write them down and repeat them often.

Remember, YOU are the only YOU. 

Even if other people are "doing the same thing", or living your "dream life", they are not doing it YOUR way. 

Use the next page to create your very own SUCCESS

JOURNAL and own your unique powers. 

Success Journal

Write down alllllllllllllll the achievements and successes you have already had in your life. Go wayyyyyy back. 3rd grade line leader? Survivor of heartbreak? Best Halloween costume in 2011? Write it down!

Use the following prompts to gather dozens of successes you have already had, and start to add up the ways in which you are an expert.​

  • Childhood
    • #1:
    • #2:
    • #3:
  • Adolescence/Middle School
    • #1 
    • #2
    • #3
  • Teenage years/High School
    • #1
    • #2
    • #3
  • Young adulthood/College years
    • #1
    • #2
    • #3

​On the following pages, we will talk about the more recent successes in your "real life"....


How many times do you have to hear: "It's all about the mindset"?

Mindset, Mindset, Mindset, and Mindset!

Now that you've got a running list of your successes (don't forget to add to it EVERY SINGLE DAY now!),

Let's take a look at what type of expert you are:

​1) What are the 3 words you want to be remembered by? What is the stuff you want to overhear at your funeral:




2) How will you embody those qualities today? We must start somewhere with building our legacy, so let's choose today.

I will be ________________, ___________________, and __________________ today by __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

EXAMPLE: I want to be remembered as a servant leader, influencer, and free spirit. Today I will post a Facebook live video and share what I learned in the book I am reading so that my followers feel my free spirit, and so  I can share "out of the box" examples of living and working with more and more people. 

3) Great. Now you're in action, and embodying your expertise. Now, we can start to show the world through your actions and other strategies that you are an expert! What we need next is tangible measurements of your expertise (mostly to support your own confidence-- no one else is counting).... So, take those 3 words, the strengths and areas of expertise you want to embody, and let's do a little more reflecting:

How long/how often have you been doing this? 

​I have been (#1 legacy word) ____________________ since _____________________

Examples of embodying that:

​I have been (#2 legacy word) ____________________ since _____________________

Examples of embodying that:

​I have been (#3 legacy word) ____________________ since _____________________

Examples of embodying that:

Who have you already served/helped? 

 4) Are you starting to see how powerful you already are? It's almost time to share this newfound expertise with the masses! 

Just to protect that developing expert mindset, let's add in a few more strategies to keep you growing.

  • Add a few phrases to your mental chatter (you are talking to yourself, all day, every day, so let's make sure it's getting you closer to your goals, ok?) Repeat phrases that support your legacy words to yourself at least 10x a day. Examples:
  • "I am a business building expert"
  • "People love working with me on philanthropy projects"
  • "I am the only expert on my life experiences"
  • "I am ready NOW for success and recognition"

5) Justtttt in case you don't have enough mindset tools yet, here's one more assignment: GRATITUDE! 

​You can add this to your daily self-talk, your success journal, and maybe even your text messaging conversations! Send/say/share gratitudes EVERY DAY.

You need at least 3-5 phrases each day, in present tense-- be specific! Examples:

  • “I am so grateful now that I am a recognized thought leader”   
  • “I love that 10 people reach out to me per day!”  
  • “I am so grateful now that I have paid speaking gigs each month” 

6) Immerse yourself in positive self-talk podcasts, books, shows, FB streams and friends that are smarter than you.


​Use what you've got, and show what you know!

Branding your channels

1) Choose 1-2 platforms to FOCUS on. I recommend Facebook and LinkedIn, if you want to be taken seriously. 


  • Update your cover photo to demonstrate your expertise
    • Headshot
      • Get a nice, semi-professional image of yourself
    • Include an "as featured in section"
      • call out the places you have written blogs for, been interviewed in, etc
      • Call to action

        make a link to your Facebook group, website, LinkedIn, or other platform you are present on

This is free and easy to do on

  • Update the About Me section on your personal page
    • Use your personal bio area to state your expertise and invite people to read more about you
    • Use featured photos to add credentials, photos with other experts, or other features/moments you are proud of


  • Create a clean and eye-catching cover photo (just as you did for Facebook)
  • Make your headline strong
  • Write about your expertise, not just what you did at certain jobs.
    • EXAMPLE:
      • BAD: Worked at Office XYZ for 2 years, completed phone calls, supported President by scheduling, running errands, and completing confidential administrative tasks 
      • GOOD: For 2 years, I exclusively supported the mission to bring more paper to the world. With the President of the organization, I developed new systems, and organized large-scale operations. The relationships and skills I developed here, allowed me to support a diverse group of professionals, bring more paper to 1,000s in need,  and lead me to found my own organization focused on supporting young executives in becoming more efficient.  

Descriptions demonstrate expertise instead of tasks completed

  • Connect with 1-5 relevant people each day, no matter what platforms you choose
  • posts and content need to explain who, what and why you are about
  • Include a variety of posts on all platforms to show your personal and professional lives 

These same rules apply to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Use the "about me" sections to state your expertise.

​BONUS TIP: Follow and friend other experts! They will see more of you, and you will be aligned with them across platforms!


Teamwork makes the dream work

-Bang Gae

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

-Napolean Hill

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

-Helen Keller​


Look, even if you master all of these strategies, they don't matter if no one is looking at you. Let's talk about collaborations to grow your reach and get more eyes on your work!

1) Brainstorm relevant people in your field:

  • Who do I read/look to?

  • Who else is reading/looking at that? 

  • Who already follows me? 

  • Who is in the groups that I’m apart of? 

  • Who needs this information the most? 

2) Reach out to them!

How? BY BEING A REAL PERSON! And offering value!

Start by offering to write guest blogs, interview others on your channels, and serve them in big ways.

​NOTE: YOU MUST KNOW what this person is about before you email them! Do a little research, so you can be personable in your message.

Use the templates below to send messages to any/all of the people you just brainstormed (even the ones you have on a pedestal right now).


SUBJECT: Interview Request for (insert media) article on (insert topic)

Hey (Insert name)!

(insert compliment, quick reason why you are reaching out to them)

I’m writing an article on (what’s the topic of the article you’re writing).

You seem like a great person to involve in the project because (insert reason). Can I feature your response on (where you are posting-- your social media, or a blog you are writing for).

Just reply back to this email with your answer to this question:

(insert question)

(insert answer length needed)

Thank you for your time!


Hey (Insert name)!

(insert compliment, how you found them)

I noticed (something you can align with in their group/work).

In order to help your audience with (some problem you seem them facing), I'd like to share a live training on how to (insert your expertise)

Add 2-3 reasons why this will help this person

These are the dates/times I'm available. Which works best for you?

Thanks for doing what you do! Excited to support your mission. 

(Name and contact information)


​Post "Who here has a blog?" "Who is looking for guest bloggers?" etc and you will find more and more people to transition into the FB messenger and email formats!


-Host events to be the automatic leader/expert in person, locally 

  • This is as simple as creating a Facebook event and posting it to Eventbrite. HINT: Even if NO ONE shows up to your first event, the buzz has been created and people see you as a leader. After that first shot, you can learn more about what locations and times work best for your people. 

 -Live interviews online 

  • Instead of using the templates above to get into other groups, invite people to be interviewed on your blog or Facebook page/group


-Online summits

  • Invite several people to join you in a private Facebook group
  • Showcase other experts/thought leaders
  • When reaching out to collaborate, note the massive value each participant will get from your summit/group/event

 -Get testimonials!

  • This is the kicker, because it will support all the other ideas we went over. People buy into RESULTS, so don’t tell-- show! It will help your mindset too ;)
  • Use this template to reach out to personal contacts, if you don't have followers/clients to ask yet: ​

Hi Name, 

  • ​ quick check in 
  •  remember when 
  •  now, I'm helping more people do this 
  •  would you be open to helping me with a 5 minute favor-- and write a short "testimonial" for me?

​So it looks like....

  • Hi Joan,

  • Just got your Christmas card, and the kids look great in their Donald Trump outfits!

  • It got me thinking about the times before you even had kids! Do you remember when I shared natural healing strategies with you, and then 2 months later you got pregnant!?

  • Well now, I'm helping more people get healthy and start families!

  • Would you be open to helping me with a 5 minute favor-- and write a short "testimonial" for me?

  • Let me know your thoughts!

  • Talk soon,

Action: Write down and execute 5 of these/5 ways to improve your positioning Be specific. What steps are you going to take to make them happen? 


Keep moving ahead because action creates momentum, which in turn, create unanticipated opportunities. 

Keeping momentum

You must build your expertise and visibility EVERY SINGLE day. Here's 2 simple ways to stay on track:​

Join a community!

  • The Dream Life is Real Life Facebook group is an outstanding place to make more connections, stay in action, and continue getting the motivation and strategies to share and grow yourself.

Practice with an expert you trust

  • I know these principles work, when they are worked correctly. I also know it can be intimidating to get started though. That's why I allow inspired go-getters to speak to me personally about how to personally. apply these strategies.

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