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Oral hygiene

A healthy mouth is characterized by pink gums, without swelling and that do not bleed when brushing. Hormonal changes however, cause a
reaction in the gums and the presence of bio-film (dental plaque) can aggravate this situation. Swelling, redness, tenderness and
spontaneous bleeding is possible.

This condition of the gums is abnormal
but can redeemed quickly when you maintain good oral hygiene daily, by brushing with a toothbrush with soft bristles and a fluoride toothpaste.

Antibiotic Prophylaxis prior to dental treatment in cardiovascular patients

The American Heart Association (AHA) for prevention of Infective Endocarditis (IE) was updated in 2007. The guidelines were approved by Council on Scientific Affairs of the American Dental Association (AFDA) as it relates to dentistry.

Major changes in updated AHA include

  1. Only in extremely small cases might IE be prevented by antibiotic prophylaxis for dental procedures, even if such prophylactic therapy were 100% effective.


Common dental misconceptions

In 16th century France a story traced back according to the Georgian calendar

lead to the change in dates of celebration, since the proposed date was unaccepted by all, although officially declared. Old Julian calendar was followed by many people, known as fools.

On this particular day, people played pranks and jokes, that resulted in misconceptions. In the era of modern and advanced dentistry, the misconceptions of dental treatment procedure still prevail among common public. The misconception is sometimes baseless, maybe from someone else’s beliefs or experiences. Here are some of the common dental misconceptions, DR helps separate fact from fiction.


World Oral Health Day​

Health is a condition which re-actively results from the body’s adaptation to changes in the surrounding environment and also response
to stresses in order to maintain an internal equilibrium of balance known as homeostasis. The imbalance in health occurs due to lack of
nutrients, as it does not release the required chemicals and also if diet lacks crucial nutrients. The body will not be able to make the
right amount of chemicals. Therefore it affects the chemistry of body and results in mood disorders, depression and anxiety.

Pregnancy, oral health and you

Good oral care plays a vital role in our daily lives; it helps to keep our gums healthy and our teeth free from cavities. Our intake of food
primarily is from our mouth and any nutritional deficiency is immediately seen in the oral cavity. Maintaining oral hygiene is important, as ratio of oral diseases is not constrained to a particular
age group, it equally affects both men and women. From a health perspective, there are many differences between genders based on
physiological characteristics. Oral health is no different and is affected by hormonal fluctuation during pregnancy, menstruation and


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