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7 more of the scariest medical conditions with links to oral health​​

In the modern era there have been lot of aspects associated with oral health, especially chronic and acute medical conditions. A lot of studies have been conducted regarding scariest medical conditions related to poor oral habits. The dentists can focus mainly on preventive measures in different ways. The dentists are now dealing with some of the scariest medical conditions including stroke, chronic kidney disease, lung cancer, respiratory infections, Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, oesophageal cancer.


Anaesthesia and Sedation for Your Child: Questions to Ask Your Dentist​

Anaesthesia and Sedation for Your Child: Questions to Ask Your Dentist

Children may require treatment due to infection and dental pain. Sometimes the child may need to undergo sedation or anaesthesia. The overall aim is to ensure they receive pain-free and safe treatment. The probability is that there are many aspects to consider. In some dental procedures for children, the child will be required to be in a totally reclined position. There may be some drilling noise which could create anxiety or fear for some children.​ 


Here’s what Orthodontists have to say on World Orthodontic Health Day​

May 15, 2017 was the first World Orthodontic Health Day, and the WFO created a special logo and posters that established the brand identity of this annual celebration. The logo, available in a variety of formats, is available for download (see below). WFO members should use this logo in all promotional materials for this celebration going forward.​


Managing dental trauma in the emergency​

The trauma to the facial aspect is displaced, fractured or lost teeth that can have impacted significantly on psychological, functional and aesthetic effects on a tooth. The role of dentists must collaborate to create the awareness about treatments and prevention of traumatic injuries to an oral and maxillofacial region.

Dental trauma:

It is the simple or complex branch of dentistry that encompasses, assessment, aetiology, management, epidemiology, prevention, may be interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary management which embraces sequelae of posttraumatic such as resorption of root and its treatment.


World Day for Safety and Health at Work – Infection control and safety in the dental practice​​

World Day for Safety and Health at Work is a campaign held on 28 April internationally and annually to promote healthy, safe and decent workplace. It has been observed since 2003 by an International Labour Organisation (ILO). This campaign is for the benefit of workers like trade unions, representatives of government, organization employer’s as well as for the next generation. Its main aim is to achieve and accelerate action for sustainable development and make workers feel secure in their working environments. 


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