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Bleeding on punching in the nose … Thoughts on bleeding on probing

Bleeding on probing is also known as bleeding gums or gingival bleeding. It is a term used by dentists and dental hygienists when referring to bleeding that is induced by gentle manipulation of tissues at the depth of the gingival sulcus. Bleeding on probing, abbreviated as ‘BOP’ is an objective, easily assessed and widely used criterion to diagnose gingival inflammation.​

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Are dentists contributing to an antibiotic overuse?​

Before early 20th century, folk or traditional medicine was widely practiced all over the world to treat infections. The advent of antibiotic Penicillin in 1928 by Scottish Bacteriologist Sir Alexander Fleming revolutionized medical practice. He noticed inhibitory action of
a stray mold on a plate culture of staphylococcus bacteria in his laboratory at St. Mary’s Hospital, London. The mold was a strain of Penicillium, P.notatum which gave its name to the famous drug Penicillin.

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Middle mesial canals.​

The above is one of the many articles that illustrate the importance of detection, cleaning, shaping and filling of middle mesial canals.

I would like to share one of my failed cases because of missed middle mesial canal.

Case treated by me comes with pain again after 2 years

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You choose: Private or group practice?​​

The practice of dentistry is chosen based on an individual’s personality and goals. The dentistry practice in a group has the wide variety of conceptual configuration, different dentists and specialists. Whether you decide to practice in group or as an individual, there will be challenges, just that the types of challenges may differ. Dental practices consist of three basic types one is private solo practice, solo practice with facility sharing and group practice. The challenges faced by each practice has its own pros and cons depending on various factors.​

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3 reasons why you’re exhausted at the end of a workday

Many people love to start a day with confidence and full of energy whereas at the end of the day they feel completely exhausted. Individuals with leadership accomplishment usually walk out of the door at the end of a work day.

The mechanism of thought response as a human doing rather than being a human being:

When you are occupied with multiple things like managing a family, working in an office as a boss and employee makes for a stressful environment that causes fatigue.

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