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Hepatitis B and associated factors among dentists

Hepatitis B is a DNA virus with double-stranded, which is a species of genus orthohepadnavirus and a member of family viruses known as Hepadnavirus. The world health organisation has estimated that nearly 325 million people are suffering and living with chronic hepatitis B or C virus infection (HBV, HCV).​ Those patients are facing high challenges as they don’t have an easy access to testing and an appropriate treatment. Nearly 1.34 million deaths are caused due to viral hepatitis and it is the comparatively same number as TB but greater than immunodeficiency virus. ​

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Trauma and nerve damage to teeth (Part I)

There are different types of injuries which may vary from minor damage of teeth to grossly comminuted fractures of the skull. Teeth and facial injuries are common among them. National Trauma Databank of American College of Surgeons reported 7,22,824 incidents of trauma in 2010. Falls contributed to major mechanism of injury (38.4%), followed by motor vehicle collisions (28.9%). Injuries from mechanisms of being struck (7.5%), pierced (4.7%) or related to firearms (4.5%) were less common. Head and face injuries accounted for 59.7%. Hence, head and neck trauma are major injuries in the United States.​

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Trauma and nerve damage to teeth (Part II)​



  • Concussion refers to vascular structures at the tooth apex and periodontal ligament resulting in inflammatory edema
  • No displacement, only minimal loosening of tooth occurs
  • May result in mild avulsion of the tooth from its socket causing occlusal surface to make premature contact with an opposing tooth

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Oral Hygiene Day 2018 - YouTube

Oral Hygiene Day 2018 ​​

Aug 1st is celebrated as #OralHygieneDay to commemorate the birth anniversary of the doyen of Indian Periodontics Dr G B Shankwalkar. The purpose is to spread #oralhealth and it's important to curb the ignorant trend of neglect which has been one of main cause of dental diseases.

On occassion of Oral Hygiene day let us all pledge to keep ourselves free of dental diseases and lead a healthy life. #oralhygieneday #1stAugust #periodontist #DrGBShankwalkar #OralCare #periodontitis #1stAugust2018

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