Daily self-love checklist

Simple daily actions to increase your self love

Daily actions to boost self love

Do you love yourself? Are you able to look into your eyes and acknowledge that you are a beautiful soul? Can you look deeply into your eyes and know that you are loved by yourself unconditionally?

Loving yourself is not selfish. It is vital to your well being and it is the foundation for living your life well.

Our mind, body and souls are all connected. If we are unable to love ourselves it will affect other parts of our being. So while you may not have a self love checklist there is no time like the present to kick-start it and make it a daily habit.

Remember people will treat you the way that you treat yourself. Treat yourself with love and watch what comes back.

Chakra I am love mantra

Start at the root and say (you will find your words), take you focus to each as you say your mantra

  • ​I am love and I am safe
  • I am love and I am creation
  • I am love and I am
  • I am love
  • I am love and I am heard
  • I am love and I can see
  • I am love and we are one

Reconnect to your dreams

When you disconnect from your dreams, life can feel a bit stuck. What would your ‘perfect’ day look like? Start your day with a wander into your dreams and feel, see, hear, smell, taste and sense of your life. Doing this takes me into a new story of self, where I get to focus on what I want and this feeds my soul.

Look in the mirror and smile

It is well known that a smile will change how you feel like nothing else. When I take my dogs for a walk, I make a point to smile at anyone I meet. Generally they smile back. It makes such a difference. Take the time to smile at yourself and watch your mood lift. Even if you think you look a tad bedraggled and perhaps your mood is not the greatest, do it and your day will change.

Clean your teeth and say I

love you

It will take you no time at all to clean your teeth and after your final swish end it with an I love you.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, this is what I accept n’all

As you shower take time to wash with love. When you get out and before you dry off take a good look and say these are the things that I accept and these are the things that I don’t. Hold a conversation with the things that you don’t. As you put

on your body lotion treat those parts that you have in the I do not accept part with extra care and loving words.

Write a note

Before you go to bed write yourself a little note and put it on the fridge, kettle, bathroom mirror, computer screen or besides your bd. Mix it up. It never ceases to amaze me how surprised I am to find one of these. I’ll even sometimes write one before I go for a walk as it is so fab to come back to a note.

Do I love myself enough to?

Bring to mind something that is irking you. Ask do I love myself enough to…

It could be something that you are eating that doesn’t serve you. Next time you are offered something that you know is not so good for you ask do I love myself enough to not eat that sickly pretend chocolate? Or do I love myself enough to get off my ass and make a delicious, healthy cake that my body will love?

When my brain screams give me something sweet, I ask where am I missing sweetness in my life and how can I satisfy the bodily urge for sweet stuff now. Typically I get up and make something that my body will thank me for rather and irritate it with stuff it will scream at. Likewise, when I feel tired, I use compassion and take a nap.

Think of toxic people. Do I love myself enough to move away from their energy?

Apply this question every time something arises that you know instinctively needs addressing but haven’t. Bring your energy to the situation, ask, breathe, let go and reframe.

State because I love myself I


  • will go for a daily walk
  • go to bed at a reasonable time
  • skin brush before I shower
  • stay away from toxic people
  • tell myself I love me daily

This works for me in the moment. If I am feeling lethargic and my writing is not flowing, I state because I love myself I will get off my a** and go for a walk. The walk is usually just what I need to clear my head and return my calm. Before long you will have created healthy loving habits that serve you.

Speak to yourself with loving


Start to notice how you speak to yourself. These words are etched on your body. While you may tattoo yourself with a positive affirmation, you would not dream of writing your words of hatred on you for all to see. Your body can hear your words. Notice what they are and start to change them.

What I find helps me is to keep post it notes in the kitchen and bathroom and write little love notes to me (see above). I feel fab when I find them (not sure how I could have forgotten I wrote them) and they help reinforce a positive self image and love. When I find the notes I say out loud what is on them.

I also start the day by looking in the mirror and saying something loving to me. And whenever I catch myself about to criticise me, I turn it around.

Listen to your body and eat

what it needs

Start slowly, tune in and ask what would you like? Ask from the heart. Sometimes the head will get in the way and your craving for crap will scream at you. Breathe

into it and ask again. Remember, to state because I love myself I will and then do the right thing for you.

I find that every day my body will say what she needs. This didn’t happen overnight, it took time. I make up cake recipes based on what my body says it wants.

Put love into your diet and your life

Do you love yourself enough to change the way that you eat? By putting love into your diet and no eating rubbish you are sending a clear signal to yourself that you love, honour and respect yourself enough to eat well.

Create a diet for life

  • First of all no following faddy diets
  • Change one thing at a time
  • Drink water properly
  • Get rid of processed sugar and other processed foods

No one is saying that you have to go vegan or vegetarian, but consider a more plant based diet. When you cook from scratch you can pour love into the whole process and it will stop being a chore and become a loving act.

Manage your intolerances

Start to understand which foods react to you, and begin to eliminate them from

your diet. This is a part of listening to your bodies innate intelligence. As rubbish goes and higher vibration nourishment enters your system, you find that you have more energy. Because you love yourself, you stop whining about being tired (or whatever it is) and eat to create energy.

Dance, move your body or sing

​Raise your vibration by moving your body or singing when the mood takes you. This will make you laugh or at least smile and that will change how you feel about yourself.

Practice balance

Look at areas of your life where there has not been any balance. Think about all of the stories that you have. Some of these will be acid and others alkalinizing experiences. Acid experiences are unpleasant, they burn and sting at one end and towards the middle of the scale are mildly irritating. Alkaline experiences are healthier and used to neutralise an acidic experience. What we want is to live and experience life from a balanced perspective. Write out your stories, consider if they are acid or alkalinizing, look for the lessons and gifts. What one thing can you do each day to bring the balance and harmony back?

Bedtime – me time

Before you close your eyes, place one hand on your heart and one on your solar plexus, breathe into your heart, say thank you for your day and say a final I love you.

What else?

  • Treat yourself like someone you love
  • Stop comparing yourself to other people, you are not other people you are you
  • Give yourself compliments
  • Become aware of your negative self talk and change it around
  • Step into your personal power
  • Trust yourself and own your courage and confidence

Create a daily ritual

These daily ideas are not set in stone, they are suggestions. What works for me is to have a set of activities that are dailies and then throw something else into the mix to keep it interesting. What happens is that the rituals that you do become unconscious and you just do them, what we need is to keep evolving.

Dale Darley is an Alchemist and writer who works with women who want to take a journey through their stories into self love, personal EVE-olution and on to sharing their story and starting an EVE-olution with their tribe

You have waited long enough to claim your right to love, to be heard and seen. You want to express who you are and use your divine inner wisdom to support Mother Earth and your fellow sisters. Your time is now.

It’s ok to have a messy life, that’s where the gifts and divine inner wisdom are crafted

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5 self love tools

Try these simple tools


Writing in a journal daily helps you to gain clarity and create a deeper connection to your inner self.


Looking in a mirror is a great way to make sure you remember how beautiful inside and out that you are. When you see a mirror, look, smile and know that you are loved.

Body lotion

Every time you put any kind of lotion on your body, remind yourself how your body supports you every day.


Hydrate your body often and while you drink think about how you can bring more juice to your life.


Listen to music daily, move your body, sing and remember to laugh.

Meet Dale

A Rockstar mavereen at heart with alchemy in my soul

I’m a wild at heart frustrated divine feminine Rockstar. Being on a stage and singing was a dream until I discovered that singing wasn’t my thing. Luckily I discovered I could write and express myself and help others to express themselves through stories. Writing, helping others to write books and share their stories and supporting others on a journey to self love is a very rewarding way to live.

Stories that rock us

Stories can crush us or we can rock them. I’ve lived the story of low self worth, no

confidence, no self esteem, self hatred, workaholic, over achiever, stressed, lost, confused, bewildered and many other unhelpful adjectives. Today, I live the story of me and us and it feels so much better now that I am able to honour, respect

and love me.

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Creating a daily self-love practice online course now available

Self love kick-start

This checklist is a stepping stone towards putting self love into your life as a daily action.