Heather Smith

Heather is an electrical engineer and has been both an industrial energy efficiency consultant and a climate change policy maker in her career. After many years in state government Heather has moved on to focus on community energy. She is a Churchill Fellow, recently returned from looking at the role of community energy around the world in provoking change and defining each country's energy transition.

Trixie Smith

Trixie's talent is developing and delivering innovative projects, particularly with a focus on sustainability. She helped drive the development of the first Carbon Neutral Adelaide action plan for DEWNR. She has secured and run major conferences and events. She developed a model for community owned energy with her business partner.

Briony O'Shea

Briony is a chemical engineer specialising in carbon, energy and sustainability, and brings her engineering and legal training to the challenges of community energy. With experience in mainstream energy projects, Briony is now applying her project management skills to the business models that will thrive in local energy applications.