Energy Action Plans for communities

This workshop allows communities to create a vision for a local energy transition. Inspired by towns and regions across Australia who are setting their own path toward zero net energy or 100% renewables. Maps the energy assets, local energy services and innovation opportunities of your region.

Why my business should do an energy audit

If you want to reach your business community, this module covers the government subsidy scheme for business energy audits. Delivers insights from the results of existing audits and explores how businesses around the state are rearranging their energy affairs.

Introductory advice sessions

Group sessions are great but sometimes individual project champions need time to clarify how to manage the barriers they are experiencing. This custom designed session provides one-on-one advice, in half hour “speed dating” meetings. Experts are chosen to suit the audience needs - can be pitched at community projects or individual and business energy challenges.

Choose the workshop modules to best suit the needs of your community