Advanced community energy

This workshop allows communities to create a vision for a local energy transition. Inspired by towns and regions across Australia who are setting their own path toward zero net energy or 100% renewables. Maps the energy assets, local energy services and innovation opportunities of your region.

Solar in the community

Develops understanding of the payback and investment opportunities for solar / solar/battery investments from 3kW up to 100kW. Understanding site energy bills, export energy and the value of energy efficiency on project economics. Identify solar and non-solar investment opportunities for your community.

Micro Grids and energy security

Discusses the leading edge technology for stand alone energy systems, including battery technology, demand management and control systems. Explores the business case for day-to-day operation and the additional emergency management benefits for community resilience. Identify investment opportunities within your community.

We work with community leaders in advance of each workshop to prepare for project success.