Introduction to community energy

Takes the audience on a journey around different models being used in Australia. Explores what community energy might look like in your neighbourhood and develops ideas around what your community needs. Benefits from pre-workshop engagement with community leaders.

Inspiration for Councils

Start a conversation within your Council. Explains the business models and the rationale behind various Council-led community energy initiatives. Explores the drivers and opportunities within your own community that could lead to successful community energy projects and relationships.

Renewables for All

Takes a look at our energy transition and who is being left behind. This module has a particular focus on the services and strategies for low income households. From financial literacy to practical implementation of energy saving strategies. Opportunities for overcoming the up-front-cost-barrier and the tenant-landlord split incentive barrier.

New energy jobs and local economics

Takes a look at the local spend for energy in your community and opportunities to capture local value. Maps the energy assets, local energy services and innovation opportunities of your region. Allows stakeholders to create a vision for a local energy transition grounded in economic development.