4 Hotel Marketing Tips for Better Google Search Results​

Take the main action points from a blog post and turn them into a practial checklist.

4 Hotel Marketing Tips for Better Google Search Results​​

Step 1: Get listed on Google My Business

  • Combines Google search, Maps, and Google Plus to help your hotel connect with potential guests by making it easier for them to find you online.
  • Your hotel will be pushed much higher up Google’s search rankings.​
  • The booking process will be easier for potential guests by uploading photos, videos, GPS coordinates, phone numbers, and more.​
  • Will be linked to your Google Analytics page allowing you to  monitor traffic.

Step 2: Update your Google+ pages 

  • Your Google+ data forms part of your Google Business page.
  • Guests can submit reviews that users will see.​
  • Remember: any information or posts you
  • publish on your Google+ page will be featured in
  • Google’s search results so make sure it’s captivating and unique.​

4 Hotel Marketing Tips for Better Google Search Results​​

Step 3: Google Street View

  • Marketers looking for a new approach can give potential guests an engaging online tour of the hotel’s interior by using this innovative platform, also called Business View.
  • Hotels with at least one photo saw a 138% increase in travel engagement.​​

Step 4: Google Hotel Ads

  • ​This feature will allow travellers to make a direct booking without leaving the main search results page.​
  • You need to work through a "Hotel Ads Integration Partner’". These are the guys who will give Google your hotel rates, availability information, and manage your campaign.​
  • You can choose a PPC (pay per click) or commission-based model.​

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