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6 Surprising resources for finding sermon/teaching illustrations that captivate your audience.

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5 Surprising Resources for Discovering Quick Sermon/teaching Illustrations That Captivate Your Audience:

Many sermons I’ve heard are like windowless room without a view into culture and art. Enter BrainPickings. Maria Popova’s Site is a “LEGO treasure chest full of pieces spanning art, science, psychology, design, philosophy, history, politics, anthropology, and more…” Although she writes from a secular perspective, this has helped me to both find illustrations and get into the mind of an unbeliever. Super-helpful.  I read this on a daily basis. It makes me feel like Tim Keller.  (Click here ​to read.) 

I’ve subscribed to this site because Jim Denison is a master at analyzing the news and somehow extracting a biblical thought from them. I read it both for personal edification and when I want to find a relevant  example of a Biblical principle.  If you want to show that you’re topic is relevant for today, you can’t go wrong with "News Discerned Differently" at​​.

This is Jim Denison's special email for pastors. I really enjoy reading

through this one. If you sign up​, he will send you his latest sermon transcript, along with current news, facts and cultural illustrations.

​This has been a life -saver whenever I've gotten stuck on a Saturday night. If you sign up for their yearly subscription, you'll have the ability to type in a topic and search through stacks of relevant illustrations. Although a they charge a fee for full access, they do offer a free trial and a free email newsletter​that sends free illustrations to your inbox. 

Show then Tell Ebook (52 Illustrations)

​Can you use 52 illustrations of the gospel? Check out this eBook: "Show then Tell: 52 illustrations for believing and living the gospel." I've used many of these on a Sunday morning and they rarely fail to captivate. And it's free. FREE. Find it here::​ (you do need to give your email address, but he rarely sends out emails.)

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